I am a Munich-based photographer born in Moscow. I aim to capture the beauty of the moment, even if it has a sense of melancholy. My area of interest is documentary, street, urban photography as well as portrait and fashion. Besides photography I practice creative writing to fulfill the picture; on this website, you can find my stories and interviews in addition to my portfolio.

My inspiration comes from traveling; getting to know different people and cultures. As an ex-pat myself I find it thought-provoking to hear the stories of those who change the place they live in and in which circumstances.

Formerly I studied biochemistry. This background formed my vision, helped me to see life in detail, to understand the light, and learn how to develop film. I have mastered both, digital and analog photography, although my heart always stays with the second; I find a certain magic in the way film interprets reality.

My recent project involves interviews with Russian who fled to Kazakhstan because of war (coming soon).
Welcome to my world.

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